Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Makes Every Customers VIP with Cubeacon
Surabaya, East Java (April 14, 2015) – iBeacon technology is a demanding thing these days. Since it was released by Apple on 2013, the implementation of iBeacon has been something that many businesses are looking forward to. Not just business, iBeacon is also trusted as one of highway in creating smart environment with Internet of Things.

Cubeacon is a provider of iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Cubeacon is designed in cube and you can attach it simply everywhere. Hang it on the wall as an accessories and Cubeacon can be your best partner. By using Bluetooth Low Energy, Cubeacon will transmit signal and if a smartphone caught the signal, it will automatically send notification or information to the smartphone. This only requires Bluetooth signal. Cubeacon range is around 10 meters. It also comes with separate charge-able battery and Cubeacon lasts approximately a year.

Cubeacon also provides Backend to set each beacon you own. It works with every kind of beacons. Cubeacon Backend with its features can turn your beacon into one of most intelligence things. By deploying it, you can create smart environment, increase your business sales, engage your customers, and even expand in-store experience.

The features Cubeacon offers in the Backend includes Storyline. Cubeacon Storyline will manage your campaign. You can set various things you would send to the smartphone through Cubeacon Storyline.

This feature comes with categories and in different kinds. For example, in Cubeacon Storylind you can choose your campaign to be in text, image, video, or even HTML template. These various kinds will be set in Cubeacon Backend and will be automatically delivered when a smartphone caught Cubeacon signal.

In a text Storyline, Cubeacon Backend allows you to enter a text that will be shown up. With image Storyline, you can upload your image campaign. The video Storyline allows you to link your campaign to a video you have uploaded and HTML template will make your greeting and farewell look prettier. It is all in Cubeacon Backend. Moreover, you can schedule your campaign in Cubeacon Backend. The schedule features will enable you to set your campaign to be delivered in a certain time. You don't have to set it each time because schedule feature will work everytime.

With all of the features in Cubeacon Backend and Cubeacon itself, you will get advantages that will effect to your business or your daily life. With its features, Cubeacon is able to deliver any information and notification to any smartphone. Retail business mostly use this technology to deliver campaign to their customers. In fame by a customer engagement strategy, Cubeacon will help your business get to the next level. Increasing sales, engaging customers, even doing simple thing like giving your customers product details.

Cubeacon can also create a smart environment. The use of iBeacon technology in creating smart environment can be seen everywhere now. For example, creating smart museum by deploying this technology as a guidelines. There won't be any use of paper and some tiny-thick books to be carried around the museum, people only needs to use their smartphone.

Cubeacon also provides you with app. Cubeacon Locate will enable you to detect every beacon in your range. Cubeacon Locate is available for every iBeacon developer. They can detect beacon range, see the UUID, Major, and minor, also checking the beacon works well or not.

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